Handmade Book Studio Sale

I am having a studio sale of handmade books.

Of all the books Ive made in the last year I think this one is one of the nearest and dearest to my heart.

The sweet little tree in this unnatural, and yet still beautiful landscape, reminds me of ourselves at this moment of time, a bit on the edge as it were, uncertain of our history, and definitely uncertain of what is yet to come, but still beautiful, and fragile and worthy of being seen , acknowledged and honored.

I think of this piece, as an altar both to the tree itself, to nature, a reminder of our inter-being with all that is. I hope it reminds that our real relationship with this tree, and everything else is not something from outside, as if it were to be consumed, but this tree, like ourselves, hold its its place in the vest pattern of things, and deserves some reverence.

Im very interested in the materiality of objects that I make. And even though I work digitally, I like the transformation that happens when I print on a special paper and make a book of this insubstantial matrix of the digital world into some thing of beauty in a material state.

Im interested in multiples and multiplicity and creating some thing intimate. A sense of walking is important to my work- even in this small panoramic landscape as the eye is allowed to rest frame by frame taking in the view.

The craftsmanship of the thing itself, as a book is important to me, as part of the honoring of the thing which I am representing.

I see ourselves and the tree in relationship. Perhaps the tree is a bit of a metaphor for our own inner beauty, even in the most fraught of times, and our capacity to endure, to see ourselves as beautiful.

Recently, a friend wrote this particular piece, and my work in general some thing that really moved me, and I would like to share with you:

Hillary was born in America, but her works approach, progress, and result look more eastern. In other words, your work emanates tranquility, but conveys myriad, powerful meetings in silence.

I love this writing, because it really seems to me that she understood something powerful and important to the heart of my work. I believe that making things is just the beginning of a conversation. And that when someone falls in love with a piece that I make, and wants to have it in their home or some other place in their lives that it is a continuation of this conversation and that together we are creating a world which is kinder and were compassionate and full of beauty.

Local Chicago delivery is available as well as international shipping.

The Landmark Tree
Piezography printing on archival Japanese paper. Hand cut and covered linen and book board. With twig and stone from the location where the image was made. Wax thread, hand stitching and archival glue.
10.5 X 3.25 folded
Extended dimensions vary
Limited addition of 25 with variations 12 remain currently available. Each hand titled on verso, signed, and numbered.


Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or cash. Payment plan available.

If you are interested, please either indicate that by commenting below or sending me a direct message.

These book objects are offered in service to the highest good of all.