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I had an occasion last week to really confront and revisit the concept and practice of right speech. 

The Buddha was precise in his description of Right Speech. He defined it as abstinence from false speech, abstinence from malicious speech, abstinence from harsh speech, and abstinence from idle chatter. In the vernacular this means not lying, not using speech in ways that create discord among people, not using swear words or a cynical, hostile or raised tone of voice, and not engaging in gossip. Re-framed in the positive, these guidelines urge us to say only what is true, to speak in ways that promote harmony among people, to use a tone of voice that is pleasing, kind, and gentle, and to speak mindfully in order that our speech is useful and purposeful.

This is a very good article about what it is and how it works and matters from creating harmony even in difficult communications. Thank you to Tricycle Magazine!

Super excited to share this beautiful opportunity for you all to join me and sound healing yogi Natalja Aicardi for, "Healing the Wounds: Guided Meditation and Sound Healing Experience."

Are feeling like you could use a little outdoor time before the grey of Chicago winter lands?

Are you feeling a little trepidation about upcoming winter and all that indoor time?

Is the ongoingness of COVID getting to you?

Could you use some contemplative time in a beautiful outdoor setting to help you get some grounding and relief?

This event is for you.

You'll experience a beautiful social art practice art installation, guided contemplation and meditation and sound healing in a gorgeous outdoor setting with water, amazing old trees all in a sacred atmosphere.

Even though this is a super safe, outdoor experience, this is a ticketed event, so make sure you get your tix in advance! Link to purchase tix hereLink to purchase tix here.

Please share generously with colleagues, coworkers, friends. Thank you.

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Meditation and portrait photography pop-up!

Do you sometimes struggle with anxiety?
Does your brain feel scattered sometimes?
would you like to be able to feel more grounded and present?

Practicing mindfulness meditation reduces stress and anxiety and open the way for greater ease and peace in every day life for ourselves and all those with who we come into contact.

Having an image of ourselves in a peaceful state is a form of potent witnessing and celebration. The photograph can remind us of who we are, and that that inner well of peace is available to us at any moment of every day. It can help keep us on our path of well-being.

I am offering a special opportunity for one on one meditation instruction along with a portrait to be made of you sitting in meditation. So that you can have your reminder of your inner peace to help you stay inspired and in your practice.
instruction and portraits are Only available next week on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th. Morning, afternoon and evening slots are available.

$100 ($300 value)

If money is an issue right now, heart pricing/sliding scale available. No one will be turned away. Sessions last one hour.

Please share with anyone who could benefit. 

Reserve your session now with payment via:

Venmo: @hillary-johnson-1
PayPal: @HillJPics
Zelle: hillary at hillaryjohnsonphoto dot com

Thanks and blessings, Hillary 

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Here is all the information about the healing work of The Waters We Swim In. I would love nothing more than to see you fully

Here is all the information about the healing work of The Waters We Swim In. I would love nothing more than to see you fully flower in your purpose as a human being, an artist, whatever you dream of most deeply in your heart of hearts. How beautiful! Especially in this strange global pandemic time, in which we have all suffered a collective trauma, we need healing at a soul level more than ever. 

What's wonderful is how powerful it is that when we heal, we also help our family and community heal. This is how we change the world, healing ourselves and letting the ripples spread outward.

Here is all the information about the healing work of The Waters We Swim In. I would love nothing more than to see you fully flower in your purpose as a human being, an artist, whatever you dream of most deeply in your heart of hearts. How beautiful! Especially in this strange global pandemic time, in which we have all suffered a collective trauma, we need healing at a soul level more than ever.
What's wonderful is how powerful it is that when we heal, we also help our family and community heal. This is how we change the world, healing ourselves and letting the ripples spread outward.

Hey hello there, beautiful, sensitive, creative human!
You're highly sensitive, empathic.
Youve always known there was something special awaiting you.

  • You worry that despite your best efforts youll miss your true calling
  • You feel like finding answers is sometimes so elusive that you wonder if youll ever figure it out.

Or MAYBE, you feel like you have things pretty well figured out but still...

  • theres this niggling sense that you arent quite fully there. You know you wont rest until you feel youve completely become the very best version of yourself.

You want to live fully aligned, heart, mind, spirit for purpose.

  • You want to feel healed and whole.
  • You want to feel inspired and inspire others.
  • You have a profound feeling theres something you were meant to do.
  • You wonder, why is it so hard to find what IT is?
  • You wonder, is it really possible to live like that? 

What if instead of living with uncertainty, you knew that:

  • you could live your life totally sure that you were really living to your fullest potential
  • completely confident that you were doing the work you were meant to do in this life
  • each day is a magnificent expression of your fullest, most sovereign creative self


Youve been in therapy (maybe more than one kind), done journaling (countless pages of searching), gone on retreats, read a librarys worth of self help books, made vision boards, gone on pilgrimages, bullet journaling, and so on. I get it. So many things! Ive been there right along with you. Sometimes you may wonder, didnt I already deal with this? Why aren't I further along
First of all; It isnt you. You havent done anything wrong. Living fully, passionately and in total alignment with your most profound gifts isnt an obvious thing. Our true gifts have frequently been negated for much of our lives. Career paths laid out for us by well meaning guidance counselors or family have been too narrow, too safe. There may be things hiding back there in family stories, history, even inter-generationally, that are part of a way of being that you may not even know is influencing you, holding you back. People didnt ask us the RIGHT questions. We didnt even know how to ask ourselves the right questions.
But now is YOUR time!
Learning how to live in a place of deep purpose and joy is less about the externals most people associate with finding our way to success. What makes the difference is the deep magic of committing learning who you really are, throwing the doors open wide to knowing what your unique gifts are so that you can do the great work of this life, the work that only you can do and making room and giving yourself permission to own your own gifts, your very place in this sparkling universe. The world needs your gifts. Your offerings.. You are called to create them from your own dear heart AND in part because others need what you alone can offer.

The key to discovering and owning your gifts is to uncover the hidden/dormant/latent so you can learn how to make the best of them for yourself and in service to others. To do this, you need to be in a liminal space where we witness and heal; excavate and celebrate. A place where your gifts come into the full light of consciousness. Most of all, a place where you give yourself permission to live in this expansive space, now and forever. The answers are all inside you and you can access them. Water is just this sort of space.

THE WATERS WE SWIM IN: A HEALING RITUAL of TRANSFORMATION is a way for you to step into this space and to experiences a guided process of surrendering to self realization through profound healing of the deepest wounds in conjunction with reconnection to the unique gifts each of us possesses, which when ignited, gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Im Hillary. For much of my life, I felt like I was living a short distance from my actual life. I often felt that my skin didnt fit me, that I didnt deserve anything good. Occasionally, Id have a vague recollection of feeling powerful, magical, intuitive and creative but that feeling would vanish into thin air almost as soon as I noticed it. I was constantly searching for answers. I thought the only  way to fix my lost feeling was to ask some mythical right person, who I was and what I should do. I was looking for rescue, to be fixed. It took me years to figure out that what I was searching for was right here inside me. Once I made  up my mind and gave myself the space and permission to live fully and joyfully in my true purpose, I have lived just that way… and its been downright magical. Every day is more expansive, more creative, more full of love. 

Im an interdisciplinary artist, meditation teacher and healer, recovering creative, empath and highly sensitive person. I grew up on the ocean (literally) on the East Coast sailing, swimming and mucking about in nature. I was a lifeguard and swimming coach for the Special Olympics.  Im a certified Tarot card reader, energy and Reiki healer,  and a former candidate in a Masters program in Clinical Psychology. I started teaching mindfulness in 2008. My business clients include Fortune 500 companies, top hospitals, prominent law firms, financial concerns and NPOs. I also have coaching clients across the globe. 
My photography, immersive installations and transformational, embodied practices have two main strands: the investigation of tensions and challenges created when drastic upheavals transform or destroy delicate beauty; and, helping others evolve and expand their capacity for love, abundance, and creativity. I have a background in photojournalism and documentary photography. Im a Curatorial Assistant at The Museum of Contemporary Photography and an MFA Candidate in the Department of Photography at Columbia College Chicago.
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DESCRIPTION IN BRIEF: We do four sessions of well-being/mindfulness coaching via Zoom. I use all the tools at my disposal for asking you powerful questions. This prepares us for your big day in the water. The day arrives, we meet at the beach before the sun rises. We meet by the water. where you will experience healing meditation and intention setting. We go into the water so you can heal and transform, stepping into a new glorious sense of yourself and your place in the universe. We come  out of the water for a ritual of witnessing and celebrating. Within three hours you then receive a set of images from your session so you see yourself with new eyes. Finally, we close the ritual and you select the print you would like made large just for you. Ill offer suggestions for framing and display. We close by looking at what intuitive nudges arise for you from your experience and identify inspired actions you will take to continue your journey of expanding each day in abundance, love, and well-being. Prints are shipped unframed within 3-4 weeks of selection. (shipping rates vary and are handled separately)
Your Healing Ritual in Detail

  • Preparation: Say Yes to Your Calling: A conversation via Zoom in which we review the process and make our plans for our work together. Arrangements are set for making your payment and we set dates for each of your healing coaching sessions, water ritual and closing session.
  • Initiation: Sacred Commitment to Yourself: We meet via Zoom for a guided reflection that prepares the ground for you to receive all your heart needs, wants, and desires. Our time includes a guided meditation practices, recorded for you to use later, and a powerful ritual and letter of commitment and consent to yourself, documented as a form of witnessing, so you can open the door to your most profound core healing, unconditional self love and appreciation. Your journey to the great work of your life begins! ($1800 value)
  • Diving In: The Heart of Your Healing Immersion: You receive four Pre-Work/Self-Reflection Zoom sessions:
    • Identifying and Naming your Wound
    • Witnessing, Grieving and Healing your Wound
    • Moving Through: Identifying and Naming your Gift
    • Laying Claim to, Witnessing, Celebrating your Gift
  • Transformation: Entering Liminal Space: A pre-immersion beach meeting, guided meditation, and healing session created just for you to prepare you to come into your body, release what no longer serves you,  call in and make space for your gifts, your sovereignty, to take root and grow so you can transform, living in the flow or well-being, ease and joy now and every day as you do the great work of your life . ($1000 value)
  • Release and Heal: 1-2 hour water ritual. I hold space and guide you so that you feel safe and protected at all times. The process always comes from a place of respect for your agency, autonomy, sovereignty. We go into the water together, entering liminal space for your healing and transformation. You let go of what no longer serves your highest vibration and purpose, release the old wounds and stories, so you can call in and activate your embodied wisdom, healing and gifts for joy so that you can go on to do the work you were put here to do.  ($1500 value)
  • Name and Celebrate: A post-ritual time of reflection, witnessing and celebration so that you can integrate the fullness of your experience, allowing it to soak into every cell of your being. We name and witness where you were, where you are now and where you want to be going. We listen for further intuitive nudges as they appear and investigate what inspired actions they might be hinting at. ($1000 value)
  • Witnessing and Evidence: Sacred Transformation Revealed: You receive a set of 3-10 digital photos within three hours of the water ritual so you can see for yourself the beautiful evidence of your healing and transformation.  It is one thing to be in the experience. The healing continues when you are able to see and celebrate yourself from outside. ($1000 value)
  • Completion: Closing the Ritual: We meet via Zoom to look at the very best of your photos and select that one magical image youll receive as a beautiful print. Well talk through the selection so that the one you select will be a lifetime reminder of your inner gold, that essence who knows who they are and is ready to stand in their power, ready to follow their divine gifts. ($1000 value) 
  • 1 print of your choice up to 16" x 20", so you can connect with the ongoing witnessing and celebration the photo provides, a touch stone into your ongoing well-being. ($1250 value) (Prints are matte finish, archival, Piezography black and white.) Other sizes and materials, including prints on silk and metal available for an additional cost) 
  • Ill send you recommendations on how to hang your print… So you can see and enjoy your print for years to come. ($150)

Total Value: $12,700
Your Cost: $2500 

Payments accepted through: 
QuickPay/Zelle: hillary@hillaryjohnsonphoto.com  
Venmo: @hillary-johnson-1
PayPal: @HillJPiccs
Payment required to hold the date we select. 
If weather is inclement we reschedule your session for the next available date.

If it feels like this is more of a commitment than you are ready to make right now, I do offer a condensed version of this work which doesn't go as deeply for $1500 (a single pre-beach session, water ritual and follow up) as well as a lighter version for $650. 
If you are looking to make real change, I would ask yourself, what will it mean to me to have these answers and be able to move forward from an entirely new place of sovereignty to really do the work I am here to do?
After sitting with this please let me know how it all lands and what you would like to do. Then we will set up a time to have a call to make our plans for your healing and transformation. Contact me here or call 312-714-4563 (please send a text first so I know to expect you or leave a voicemail and Ill call you back.)

Thank you.
Wishing you expansiveness, joy, alignment in all you do.
Xo Hillary



I AM WATER is a public art exhibition organized by Our Humanity Matters and ecoartspace in collaboration with SaveArtSpace. The exhibition consists of ten billboards sited in the borough's of New York City and addresses our relationship with water and our human understanding that we are water. (Click to learn more about the project and see the other incredible photographs by 9 other amazing artists.)

Water is the origin of life with the innate purpose to continue creation. In water, we see that everything is connected and interrelated. Everything is liquid before it becomes solid. Humans, who are mostly water, depend on it to protect our DNA and for our basic survival. Water is not a resource but an essential connection to life. The one-sidedness of modern consciousness and our disconnect from nature increasingly subjects water to pollution. If we do not change our behavior, we will run out of water.
We humans cannot be healthy if our waters are not healthy. This exhibition shows waters mystery and importance and helps to reestablish, on a deep cellular level, the intimate relationship with water that we have lost in modern life. 
Exhibition Curator: Patricia Watts, founder of ecoartspace
Production Curator: Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler, founder of Our Humanity Matters
Billboard Application and Procurement: Travis and Justin, SaveArtSpace


WHEN YOU GO: Please snap a photo of yourself with the billboard, use #thewatersweswimin on your favorite social media and share one way this photo touched you or had an impact on you.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please share this with friends for whom this message would align.

Blessings, Hillary

Santa Monica, California
The Waters We Swim In
Releasing what no longer serves.

The Waters We Swim In is a global photography project consisting in black and white portraits of people immersed in water. Each participant experiences a guided process of surrendering to self realization through profound healing of the deepest wounds in conjunction with reconnection to the unique gifts each of us possesses, which when ignited, gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

I would love nothing more than to see you fully flower in your purpose as a human being, an artist, whatever you dream of most deeply in your heart of hearts. How beautiful! Especially in this strange global pandemic time, in which we have all suffered a collective trauma, we need healing at a soul level more than ever.
What's wonderful is how powerful it is that when we heal, we also help our family and community heal. This is how we change the world, healing ourselves and letting the ripples spread outward.

Ready to lean into your own healing? To learn more about this work and how you can join, contact me through my contact page and let's talk so you can see if it feels aligned for you.

Blessings, Hillary



Discover your Inner Artist Guided Mindfulness & Creativity Watercolors with Hillary Johnson

About this event

Join us for a transformative outdoor experience aligning your body, heart, and spirit through creative play and mindfulness in nature!
Feeling like you want to...

  • Regain your mental & emotional balance?
  • Activate a calm presence?
  • Really get into some creative play?
  • Feel really relaxed and at ease?

But youre not sure where to begin?

We got you. In this guided hiking adventure youll feel:

  • A connection with your deep inner balance
  • Calmed and refreshed
  • Inspired, expansive, creative
  • Connected to your inner well of peace


A lot of jumping up and down over here today in my studio.

@saveartspace announced the locations of the outdoor public exhibition #iamwater! This is a wonderful collaboration between @ecoartspace @ourhumanitymatters @saveartspace and a handful of really great artists. Im thrilled to be included.

Water isnt a resource, its LIFE.
No water? No life.

Go see the installation and snap some selfies with #iamwater and #thewatersweswimin

This is the image which will be on my billboard.

Here is the full list of artists and the locations of their wonderful work for this important project:

Lisette Morales
Flushing Ave & Evergreen Ave

Holly Fay
Metropolitan Ave & Grand St

Danielle Siegelbaum
Morgan Ave & Harrison Pl

Joan Perlman
Flushing Ave & Forrest St

Helen Glazer
Flushing Ave & Forrest St

Hillary Johnson
Grand St & Catherine St

Basia Irland & Derek Irland
Grand St & Catherine St

Maria Whiteman
Grand St & Catherine St

Margaret LeJeune & Hanien Conradie
Grand St & Metropolitan Ave

Ellen Kozak
Grand St & Metropolitan Ave

Ellen Jantzen
Metropolitan Ave & Woodward Ave

All billboards are within walking distance from each other in the Bushwick and Williamsburg neighborhoods.

#iamwater #thewatersweswimin

How Did I Get Here? 
From tech to art to finding my voice along the way. Get TIX

About this Event

Change is inevitable. How we deal with change whether to embrace or resist it shapes our journeys. Join visual artist Rollence Patugan as he shares different chapters of his personal journey and how the residuals of his choices have accumulated and created a path to where he is today.


Rollence Patugan is an American photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Identity, diversity, and being seen are undercurrents of Rollences work. Having originally come from Baldwin Park, CA a small but diverse town in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, Rollence wants his work to serve the underrepresented. Growing up in the 1980s as an Asian-American of Chinese and Filipino descent, he did not see a reflection of himself nor his Latino friends in government, sports, entertainment, and the arts. Rollence felt he didnt exist as an American. In his work, Rollence strives to reflect the ethnic diversity that has always been a part of his experiences and uses his voice through art to allow people to be seen
Love art in yourself and not yourself in art.  Konstantin Stanislavski
Explore more of Rollences work: http://www.rollence.com/

"Mindfulness meditation doesn't change life. Life remains as fragile and unpredictable as ever. Meditation changes the heart's capacity to accept life as it is. It teaches the heart to be more accommodating, not by beating it into submission, but by making it clear that accommodation is a gratifying choice." Sylvia Boorstein, PhD

I love this because it offers amongst other things, the chance to live with more ease and acceptance.

As someone frequently locked into a place of struggling with what is, I rely on practice to show me my heart can open to what is, as it is. The frenzy of struggle only causes more misery. Being clear and open I can try to choose wisely, compassionately. I may not always succeed but thats why its called practice.
What does this quote evoke or stir for you? Id love to know. Please share and use the contact me page to share your own thoughts ad feelings if you feel so moved. Mindfulness is at the heart of my practice as an artist, whether I am making photos or paintings or installations and m ost of all how I try to live my life with my husband, my family, friends and community.


Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Emotional Resilience 

Starting JUNE 2!

Wednesday evenings  5:30-6:30pm CST on Zoom.

$80 for the month. 

If you will miss a class, the recording will be available afterwards so you you'll never miss a thing!

Are you feeling worn out from stress, anxiety, disrupted sleep, worry, racing thoughts?

Maybe you feel stuck in a rut of unhealthy habits or patterns mentally, emotionally or physically?

Do you wish you could feel more in charge of your own mind states rather than falling prey to life's constant ups and downs and the whims or moods of others?

In this class you'll learn:

what mindfulness really is and how to apply its lessons in very practical ways to your day to day life

  • where your stresses, fears and anxieties come from and how to navigate them better and mitigate the harm they can cause
  • embodied practices for identifying what you're feeling physically, emotionally 
  • identifying the thoughts occurring under the surface empowering you to work skillfully, change your mind state and release what is no longer serving you
  • how to cultivate feelings of happiness and wellbeing on the regular
  • how to begin and sustain your own practice

I'll be available for questions during a weekly morning live on Facebook each Friday at 9am as well.

Register by sending payment $80 to one of the options below. 

Once you register, I'll send you the zoom link. 

Please don't share the zoom link so we can avoid zoom hackers. 

Register by Sunday May 30th and save $15 - Pay just $65! 

Payment for class is available through:

Venmo: @Hillary-Johnson-1

CashApp: $HillaryHelios

QuickPay: hillary@hillaryjohnsonphoto.com


As a friend said, this photo is a celebration of the magic if unconditional love between mother and daughter, but that also, it's possible to have that kind of unconditional love between people who may have deep connections of other kinds.

Besties in pairs or especially intimate, deeply connected groups; spouses and partnerships of all kinds, family of choice bonds and many more.

These portraits I make in the water are a way of profoundly witnessing, honoring, and celebrating those connections.

The prints become the beautiful evidence we can connect with each day as we look at the photograph and sigh with pleasure and recognition as we connect to those feelings. The prints are the future heirlooms for the generations yet to come.

As we enter this season of warm water floating for Chicago, I'm offering a limited number of immersive aquatic portrait sessions. (sessions are also available in other states and locations starting after May 11th. North Carolina and Florida in June)

Especially after this year of physical closeness deprivation, making photos that celebrate our deepest relationships feels right on time.

A perfect Mother's Day gift (purchase now and make your photo later! I'll deliver* a hand painted card announcing your gift by end of day Wednesday for you to gift your special nurturing figure - all kinds of people mother us if we are fortunate! Add flowers, or other delicious add-ons like springs of homegrown aromatics like lavender and rosemary (for remembrance).

Sessions start at $500.

Add embodied, transformational rituals for releasing what no longer serves your most prized and precious relationship and calling in what you want to manifest together.

Full bespoke packages $2500. Contact me to learn about this option and how you can radically transform the vibration of your relationship and enjoy the beautiful results and documentation for years to come.

xo Hillary Helios

*in Chicago, hand deliver others by FedEx sent out by end of day Wednesday

Are you feeling perhaps overwhelmed, concerned about your levels of anxiety or depression lately?
Are wondering if what you are feeling is okay?
Do you feel yourself wondering, what's wrong with me?
Do you sometimes wonder how you will ever get through whatever comes next?

If yes is the answer to any of those, I invite you to join us for this healing social art, social action event.
These experiences and rituals will help you feel more grounded, less overwhelmed and will give you tools, strategies and practices to take with you to help you care for yourself going forward.


Join me out in the wonderful fresh air on the beach at the end of Pratt Street for the first super moon of 2021 to be part of a beautiful community healing spiral on the beach.


Monday April 26, 2021 6pm SHARP!


To hold space for normalizing all the feelings and experiences arising from COVID-19 and the many social tensions and species-level trauma we've been and continue to be experiencing.

The program will open with healing musical vibrations and will include shared meditation and loving kindness practice.
Each participant is invited to come with a small flashlight or you can use the light on your phones. Each person will receive a piece of black tulle to hold aloft.

We will form a spiral, standing at 6 feet apart, the distance of our times, on the beach.
We will come together to release something we really want let go from the last year. We will cover our eyes with the tulle to symbolize the veil of suffering which has been in front of our eyes.

Then we will remove the veils, releasing the pain and calling in what we want to bring forth. As we lift the tulle into the air over our heads, we expand, calling in what we want to manifest or heal. As we lift our hands hold the streamers of tulle, we expand as we expand our consciousness.

We will have another meditation a closing musical experience to sustain the raising of our collective vibration.
All are welcome. Please invite all your friends. Bring family, children, neighbors, strangers, the person you may know but may not speak with that much.

Let's spread a MASSIVE RIPPLE OF HEALING OUT ACROSS OUR CITY with this healing art installation, healing art experience. Your presence is a great gift.

Feel free to make photos and videos during the event, share them and please tag on social media @hillaryhelios (IG and Twitter) with your reflections on the experience. #tulleexperiment

I am beyond thrilled to share this interview (my first podcast!)with Mary Meduna-Gross, Ph.D. for her podcast, titled, "In Flow with Soul." 

Mary is a mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs to clear the blocks to success and a full and happy entrepreneurial life.

We talked about the creative healing work I do helping my clients find their authentic selves through artistic expression. It was such a fun and hopeful conversation. 

Please give it a listen and share with anyone you know who's ready to make a big leap into their most authentic expression and life.

As you listen, I hope you will feel inspired and excited. Perhaps even ready to follow those intuitive nudges which have been whispering quietly inside, that it's time for you to blossom. That it's time to discover who you really are deep inside, heal those tender inner places, unleash the gifts that are uniquely yours. This work helps you step into your sovereignty, get aligned and do the great work of your life.

I'm grateful for your presence here. I appreciate all the hard work you are all doing. If anyone you know might benefit from the healing work I do, I'd be grateful for you sharing this podcast with them. Let's spread the healing everywhere.

Thank you, Hillary

Zen the F* Out.

A meditation class for anyone who's tried and "failed," based on the idea that anyone can do it. Clear, lighthearted teaching. (virtual)

About this Event

If I had a million dollars for every time someone said to me, "I've tried to meditate..." and then there's a longgg pause.... "but I just can't do it."
So I ask them what they mean. Because I really want to know.
And every single time, they say something like this:
"Well, I've tried but I just can't make my mind settle down! I sit there and my mind is ALL OVER THE PLACE! UGHHHH! I just can't do it."
And this people, is The NUMBER ONE bit of boloney people have been sold about what meditation is.
1. Meditation is not about MAKING your mind do anything, shut up or become all calm and silent or anything like that.
2. Anyone can learn to meditate, yes, even you. For real.
3. The Secret Sauce? Suspending Judgement. Learning to drop into the present moment, on purpose, non-judgmentally (that is the biggest challenge.) We are so used to having opinions about our opinions, that it can be hard to imagine complete unconditional presence. But we can practice this and what a life changer!

Meditation helps you:
-know yourself better
-reduce suffering
-reduce confusion
-increase clarity
-increase happiness
There's a TON of other things it will also do for you but let's start with basics.
Join me Saturday at 10am CST for a basic intro to what it is and how to do it. (we use Zoom)

-Why we do it
-How to it
- How to keep going

Hillary has been teaching meditation since 2008 for individuals and organizations, in hospitals and health care, law firms, schools, universities etc. She offers group classes, consulting and private instruction/coaching.
Join us and learn what the f* the practice really is.
No special experience or equipment or anything needed. Just you, your mind, your breath, your body. Together at last.

Once you register for class you will receive a Zoom invitation via email. Come as you are. Get yourself comfy with whatever you need, a glass of water or some tea, blankets, cushions. Silence other alarms and devices to gift yourself an hour of peace and quiet. Tell folx you live with to leave you alone for this hour as your sacred You Time. Bring a notebook and pen or pencil.


I hold this class each Saturday from 10am-11am CST. You are certainly welcome to sign up for individual weekly classes each week. I know we sometimes get busy as well, and you may want to commit more fully to these classes for your own self care. One way you can do that is to sign up for a bundle of classes that expire at the end of the three month window. 6 classes normally costs $120. If you purchase a bundle of 6 all at once, the cost is $100 (you get one free class). You just have to use the classes up by the end of the third month. So if you purchase that now, your six would expire at the end of May.

If you are interested in attending every class in the three month window (highly recommend this commitment to your self care and emotional resilience and equilibrium) you may purchase those in a bundle as well and save a little $ too. There are 12 Saturdays between today and the end of May, which would be $240, but if you purchase them all at once now, the tuition would be just $200, so two classes gratis. (Put another way, if you bought a large latte or other coffee beverage at Starbucks or similar each day for three months, at about $5/each you would spend $450 by the end of May. WHAT?!   It's true. Instead, consider gifting yourself a little mental clarity and emotional wellness for less than half of all the jitter-inducing caffeination!)

If you want a bundle, email me and use one of the following to make your purchase.

Zelle Quickpay: use email: hillary [at] hillaryjohnsonphoto [dot] com

Venmo: @Hillary-Johnson-1

PayPal: @HillJPics

Thank you!

Meanwhile, please let me know if you have any questions. I am very happy to offer light support between classes.