NOW AVAILABLE! The Inner Gold print collection. This special limited-edition photograph is a celebration of healing from within from my ongoing series, The Universe Shines with Reflected Light. One photograph has been made available as a limited edition with two sizes to choose from.

Each print is made by me on archival Epson Metallic Luster paper with a subtle shimmering surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth. Includes a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.


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Archival Inkjet print

30" x 30" overall
Limited Edition of 5
$888 Holiday Special Price $688

10" x 10" overall
Limited Edition of 5 (4 available)

This piece is where for me the deeply personal and planetary trauma intersect. Living beings who are impacted by trauma
and try living without receiving loving care to heal suffer a great deal. The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. If we are unhealed, we may be inclined, quite unconsciously, to act in ways which perpetuate trauma from one generation to the next, on all with whom we come into contact.

As we begin to do the inner work which can transform our thoughts, feelings and actions, we may feel simultaneously broken apart and strangely as if things begin to make sense; we can begin to piece things together. It can be as if the truth was there all along, quietly waiting to be perceived. In such moments, we repair our relationship to ourselves, by which I mean of course, across boundaries, to all that is. We begin to piece things together. In the earth in shallow graves, we can lay down the husks of our old selves. They reflect back to us the goodness, the gold which has always been part of us, of everything since the dawn of time, that gold which can never be tarnished.