Yasmin: Prague 9/2022

Lom Homolák
Czech Republic
Sunday September 10, 2022

Yasmin and I had quite the adventure finding this place.

Exiting our Bolt taxi at what seemed to be a road closed to the public.

walking into a wild area without a map

no Internet signal anywhere except at the top of the road

Yasmin just kept saying yes and so did I.

Two young men with backpacks in the woods when I managed to speak the name of the quarry lake in Czech although very badly, pointed generally in a forward and left moving direction. And so we kept walking forward and generally left.

A young couple exploring in the woods. The young man said she knows this area well and can show you the quarry. We followed them.

we entered a landscape that looked like the opening scene from Breaking Bad.

A little further on boys on dirt bikes raced up and down the muddy mountain.

we kept walking following this young girl and boy

and suddenly, there it was, a beautiful pool of green tranquil under a cloud studded sky

Yasmin and I continued with her ritual and it was magical. All the parts of the adventure where necessary. Each apparent setback was actually a moment of grace to keep going, to trust the divine.

once immersed in water the human body experiences many remarkable things. We know that water makes us feel wonderful weather were in it or next to it. Ive been doing research into the neuroscience of immersion in water.

In Wallace J Nichols book, Blue Mind: how water makes you happier, more connected and better at what you do, he writes:
(and this is a quote from Bruce E. Becker, Director of the national aquatics and sports medicine institute at Washington State University)

During immersion, the body sends out a signal to alter the balance of catecholamines in a manner that is similar to the balance found during relaxation or meditation.

In other words, just being in the water can create a feeling of relaxation and a decrease in stress.

In the ritual, The Waters We Swim In, you are immersed in water so you can access this more relaxed state which makes it easier to touch and heal and ultimately release your inner wounds an open yourself up to your own divine beauty and place in the pattern of all things so that you can do the work you're meant to do.

This is what happened for Yasmin on Sunday.

If this resonates with you, whether you're in the Midwest or somewhere else in the world, I invite you to join this global movement for healing and human potential. Email me through the contact page and let's talk.

Thank you to Yasmin Lambie-Simpson, being so magnificent.

Thank you to Jessica Serran for being amazing and so supportive every dang day.

Thank you to Libor Pospisil for your kindness and help with locations.

Thank you to Isabelle Rizo Gönczy who's photo inspired Yasmin three years ago and for being the first to say this was a global movement.