Dealing with Anger and Rage in the Creative Process

Rage and anger have come up a lot lately all over the world with people I know, not just artists but almost everyone. Wherever you live, you may have your own reasons. They may be personal and intimate, local and social, national or global political, ecological, etc. Someone recently asked how I handle anger or rage feelings and in answering them, I thought it might be good to share here since it's coming up so much. 

Mind you these are my practices. They work for me. If they help you, great. If not, please don't take my words as prescription you must follow. Hear me out, if you like, and then investigate for yourself. Does it make sense for you, work for you? There are many ways in this world.

Dear beautiful humans, if you're feeling rage, that's definitely something to work with. How I deal with those kinds of feelings has a few branches.

One: I don't want the hormones and chemicals of rage to build up in my body because that feels terrible and can lead to illness or disease when not allowed to move through. So, if I feel too agitated to sit still, I will frequently go to movement to have a somatic way to discharge the energy. Something fairly rigorous like a fast walk, or a bike ride or a swim. I do what is easiest and most accessible so I don't get stuck in thinking about what's best (which was an old pattern for me- overthink! LOL.)

This allows me to settle enough to examine what is going on for me and begin to make sense of it all.

Two: From there, I do a bit of inquiry. I know that anger or rage, are secondary emotions. Underneath it is either sadness or fear. So I ask myself, which one am I feeling? And I sit there and allow the feeling to come, I don't fight or resist it.

If it's sadness, sometimes that realization leads to a good ole sobbing outpouring if that's what's needed. As the crying moves through me, that sadness and/or grief along with it, I stay open to what's causing it and keep asking until I feel like I get to the bottom of it. That can take some time so I make room and love for it.

If it's fear, I inquire, what am I afraid of and name it and then keep asking, what else? And in the same way, keep going till I feel like I've got to the bottom of it or have done enough for today. I never force myself to rush. I allow all of it to have space and time and love.

If there are other things that MUST get done at a certain time, then I decide I'll give myself a certain amount of time and then I'll stop and make time for recovery, which usually includes at least a brief rest and a shower, because rage makes me stink! And I know, I can come back to it later and continue to inquire and process.

Of course, there's more after that, but that's how I begin. Everything really is anchored in love, allowing, and inquiry.

From there I find ways to bring what is unearthed, revealed, floats to the top or in the still waters can be seen at the bottom, into the studio, into my work. Sometimes there's journaling or just intuitive making which I allow in, 100% trusting the process to lead me expansively onwards. I know I'm right where I need to be, remember it is a process and love myself. Make the work. Let things arrive in their own time.

Hope this helps you! 

xoxo, so much love and many blessings,