Bespoke Books

One of a kind bespoke handmade book for Alejandra Camacho

The images were all made during her session with me as part of, The Waters We Swim In, on her birthday in 2020.

its hard to believe that almost 2 entire years have passed since that day.

Im so happy that she is on her way to take one of these pictures to her sweet mother in Mexico.

And this book will be waiting for her when she returns to Chicago. A lasting reminder and keepsake of the deep healing she did on that day.

One of the things I love most about doing this healing work with people is seeing the amount of transformation that is possible even when the person has been through all kinds of incredible pain.

I think thats certainly one of the reasons Im so drawn to do this work is because of my own experiences with trauma and healing.

This deep feeling I have inside that says all of us deserve to feel loved and be able to see ourselves with the eyes of love.

We each have our place in this beautiful universe.

if youre having a hard time experiencing that and youre really ready to make a change then, Im here to help.

if this sounds interesting to you please reach out and learn more about this healing water ritual. You can email me through the website.

Im booking sessions anywhere in the globe where you happen to be because theres no place that suffering needs to continue needlessly.