Looking for Magic?

When I found vipassana meditation, I was desperate for truth and clarity.

I'd been suffering so much, for so long, that I craved even the smallest crumb of feeling like I had a bit of truth as ground under my feet.

The idea that I could actually learn to navigate life more wisely wasn't the big draw, it was the promise of LESS SUFFERING.

It made sense to me that naturally, life would continue to throw things my way that might be in fact ridiculously, egregiously painful but that I COULD BEAR IT, WOULD BE ABLE TO BEAR IT, and would not be destroyed by it. That sounded awesome to me.

After years of feeling truly existentially distressed nearly all the time, the offer of real insight, real quiet and peace in my heart and mind, sounded magical to me.

And you know, it worked then and still works now. Every day is not perfect. But whose is?

And that, for me is so small magic. As an empath, an HSP, someone with her own emotional balance and mental health challenges, I feel All the things, from all sides...and having this practice has been a life changing wonder.

If you like me, would like to know a little more peace inside, have a little more clarity, I invite you to try taking my class, which I'm happy to call Summer Meditation Party.(because why so freaking serious ALL the TIME!?)

You don't have to believe anything.

You certainly should not believe anything I say just because I say it.

Check it out for yourself.

Trust your own experience.

Give yourself 8 weeks to try it on for size. Gentle guided instruction, online and in person.

Come as you are.

We start June 7th.

$200 for the whole 8 weeks.


the power of awareness

to reduce anxiety

reclaim or initiate self trust

inner sovereignty

And if that sounds good, I invite you to please share with anyone you know who could use some of the magic too.

Thank you and see you in class!

Register here now.