I know. It can feel cringey, scary BUT the process can actually be powerfully transformative.


Any photographer can make pictures of you, but what I do, as an artist, writer, a photographer, an empath, as someone who understands about crafting a narrative, is think about not only making the photos, but who are we making the photos for? 
Who is the audience for you? 

Who is your divine right audience, the people who want your art?

I think about: 

  • What you want to wear?
  • Where do you want to show yourself: in the studio, outside somewhere, a special, meaningful place?
  • What's the environment you want to be in so your people will be able to resonate with you more easily through these photographs?

There are photographers out there who have a kit of lights and a sort of one size fits all approach to making portraits and headshots. And thats cool, you know…the world is big and wide and theres something for everyone.

Me, I like to draw on my zone of genius so I can help you enter yours.

I think of it this way: 

Each person in front of my camera is a unique human being. 

I want to get to know who you are, what you need, want and dream of for your future self as an artist. I help you present yourself in ways that make sense, and which are in alignment with that vision. This process takes time. 

Im also aware that being photographed can be incredibly stressful. Because Im also a meditation and mindfulness teacher, I bring that kind of support into our sessions together. 

While were making photos…we take our time.

We pause between images, and rest, so you can gather yourself, and get grounded in your body, come into your body and be ready to do more. 

We explore body language and the meaning of certain postures and positions and find what FEELS right for YOU. Even when it might feel like a bit of a stretch…because thats where the growth is.


I ask each of my photography clients a series of important questions, before our session, so that the time we have together is part of your becoming process. We talk about the sessions well before and the IMPACT you want the images to have. We do a phone or zoom pre session to go over all the details so you feel really comfortable.

  • Do you want hair and makeup, a stylist? 
  • Is that part of how you want to present yourself, or not? 
  • Its all about me doing my best to educate you about your options and supporting your choices to make the best photos we can.

While we are making your photos, we are also having a conversation, were getting to know each other more personally. I share some of who I am so I create a comfortable space in which you can reveal the parts of yourself that you feel comfortable revealing. 

I believe that making strong portraiture is about relationships and connection.

Especially if you feel any sense of trauma around being photographed, you will naturally feel reticent to have portraits made, (I know I did) and yet, you simply must have great photos of yourself for your website, social media, the catalogs of your work and all the things you need on your way to becoming the artist you want to be.

Im not shooting. Im not taking pictures.

We are collaborative together.  Ill do my best to be the wise, supportive guide who helps you show up as you.

Its a transformational process. 

Doing this work with me will help you experience yourself more fully and with greater confidence than ever before. 
I invite you to take up the space you deserve.


Up to three sessions/locations over two days 
For Only $1500*

Book your spot now with a $500 deposit. I use PayPal, Zelle, Venmo.

Then well set up a call to talk and brainstorm. I'll email your questions to think about. Then we start to look at dates for our work together. I have availability between mid-May through August 2022.
*You also cover travel expenses, flight, room, board. 

Genius Zone Idea: Team up with your artist friends and colleagues to bring me where you are and save on the expenses! Where are your local peeps? Get together and reach out to me and lets get you ready to take the art world stage!  

Imagine how fun it would be to gather together to make pictures and all the money you would save by doing that. (More money for the clothes you want to wear or art supplies!)

Interested? Email me and let the photo magic begin!