Solitude is Powerful Healing for You

A little solitude can feel extremely restorative in the midst of it all.

do you give yourself permission to give yourself some solitude, some serious alone time just to allow yourself to settle gain some clarity. This kind of solitude can be very valuable if you use it as a time to simply rest or contemplate without being interrupted or disturbed.

if youre an introvert like me having some alone time is the way of charging your battery, or filling your cup with the energy required to be present for others more fully when you returned them.

or if youre an extrovert or someone whos just very high energy and Vibing all the time, solitude can be a beautiful chance for you experience just who you are on the inside deep down allowing things to settle maybe going and visiting those places inside of yourself that often dont get attention and giving them a little bit of tender loving care.

Even now in the midst of Covid when we have been isolated from each other so much more than usual, still we find ourselves and video calls are other kinds of technology trying to maintain connections. And mothers connections are important still giving ourselves the gift of solitude can be so incredibly healing. I invite you to explore this for yourself and let me know how it goes, If you feel inclined to share that.

as always thank you for stopping by. I see you. I appreciate you. Wishing you a day of some ease. Wishing you a day of happiness and the causes of happiness.

also you may like to know that these paintings of the stones will be available soon as a deck for you to explore at home as a source of inspiration and support to your own mind for pausing. If youre interested in purchasing an original watercolor and handwritten text please let me know because those are also available.

Xo Hillary