Start Your Day Grounded

Start your day feeling grounded.

Ha I know! Can feel easier said than done. Am I right?

Today I awoke with a raging to-do list blaring loudly inside my cranium.

Old Hillary wouldve freaked out. Totally. Spun in circles rather unproductively.

Current me pauses. Checks whats up. What are those thoughts? What are those beliefs? How am I feeling about it all? Is anything true that while feeling uncomfortable needs addressing?

More pausing.


Today in the pause, clarity. Let those things have embodiment in paint on paper.

What do I need in the face of this?


Today for me, that meant, go to the tools of watercolors, brush, paper and ink.

Here is what came.

A beautiful reminder.

I LOVE that the action to make the painting also created the FEELING I was after.

Now, I can write list of what to do with clarity, with frenzy-brain.

Ill walk too.

And sit my ass down on my meditation bench.

Il choose where and how to place my attention, and thus, the day will get made.

I know its not always easy.

Love to hear what grounds you in the face of your day, which feel like SO MUCH.

And, if you need, want, desire some help, I got you.

One-on-one sessions are available monthly via zoom. Support. Guidance. Practical and intuitive coaching/mentoring (as one happy client calls it.

Tell me whats up. Im here to help.