If this pandemic has taught me anything it's this:

Our most important work is an inside job.

We can not control anything out there.

All we can do is come to know ourselves deeply and try to navigate the seas of our lived experience with as much kindness and mercy as we can.

We must befriend ourselves and be gentle with the tender beings we are on the inside.

That is what this work is all about. Finding what is good inside you, which can feel so elusive sometimes.

To that end, a special price for right now for booking this transformative work now for yourself or someone you love.

Book and make payment for your Waters We Swim In session for Florida this January by Tuesday December 2 for the special price of $1500 - regular price $2500!

Curious? Let's talk.

Feeling like your own gold is a bit obscured? I can help.

When you find your own inner gold and goodness, you clear away obstacles to greater success, love, creativity and success.

Let's do this!

Message me now to set up a free short consultation to see if this work is right for you!

Let's find that inner goodness.

With gratitude,