Palos Installation: The Gold in the World

It took a whole amazing team to make this magic happen.

Two lovely tree climbers, one arborist, one educator and cabinet maker...

They made it all look easy.

All aloft. 60 yards of gold glitter tulle, a spool of golden cord, yards of climbing ropes, throw bags, and all manner of gear.  50 flags of black and silver tulle on bamboo sticks to mark the way in. 

A diverse array of magical human beings who helped in all kinds of ways. I see you all and appreciate you for the many things you did. Paul, extra shout outs to you for wrangling tree people, in a ripple effect outwards of so much goodness. AMAZING!  And to you and Kay for your smiling good cheer and installation of 50 sticks and tulle to guide visitors to the gold.

This lady was so matchy matchy! Clearly, she got the memo. 

This sparkle makes me so happy. Big lessons: 1. Do not think, DO! Thinking alone can trap you in bed and nothing will ever actually happen. 2. Let go of yearning for exact outcomes and celebrate what actually happens. 3. Tulle has a mind of its own. The wind has a mind of its own. Together they will surprise you so much. Let go and show up with gratitude and curiosity.

Gold streaming down from the tree tops.

Gold within and gold without.

It felt at times like the tulle was alive with electricity. It had such presence and was constantly changing throughout the day.

I simply love this image. I saw the tulle and the leaves scattered round. My heart beat slowly and felt full of wonder.

A golden sovereign being aflame in the woods. The sun greeting her with each ray.

My friends Ziru and Senjie brought a drone to film the installation and that was amazing.

They flew it all around, through, above, below the installation capturing it in ways I could not have any other way. So grateful!

Incredible watching the play of light and shadows through the day.

Word got out on Instgram, and word of mouth, the old fashioned way and all kinds of people showed up to check it out. They said:

What a beautiful surprise! Thank you for doing this!

Our neighbors told us to come see it. We just had to come. This is amazing!

It's like something mystical!

The tulle looks like golden spirits in the trees.

So simple and so beautiful. WOW! Are you going to do this again? (YES! and Even BIGGER!)

Something in the way she moves....

MePhoto credit: Senjie Zhu

Me and a whole lotta tulle glowing!

The tulle looking like a golden dragon in afternoon sun.

This reminds me of Kow Loon, Hong Kong, Nine Dragons, the nine mountains you can see from the peak.

Matt P, a professional tree climbing arborist, frees the last bit of tulle from the tree.

And that's a wrap for this time. Stay tuned for an open studio, artist's talk about the work, as well as opportunities to purchase one of a kind collages and photos which document the process from ideation to completion. Pieces purchased by December 10th can be delivered or shipped in time for holiday gift giving.

Thank for you stopping by. Please feel free to share with friends.

With gratitude and curiosity,