Tulle Experiment: Woodland Edition

Tulle Experiment: Palos Edition

A public art installation of beautiful, sparkling glitter, gold tulle tumbling from the trees lining the walking path.
You're invited on this Thanksgiving weekend to join us with your cameras, phones, video to experience this with us as a reminder of the miracle of light and aliveness, our own inner gold, our loving kindness for ourselves and each other as we move into the winter season. Please share your photos on social media with the #TulleExperiment and tag @hillaryjohnsonthephotographer on IG. I'd be very grateful for any photos and video you would send my way to share the experience with others.

Admission is free and the event is kid-friendly.

The installation is meant to offer visitors an experience of surprise and delight, the fragile and ephemeral, in some lovely woods which are very easily accessible.
We will begin the installation process at 9am with 4-5 tree climbing arborists, who are each volunteering their time to help me realize this vision.

We hope to have all the tulle up the trees and ready for release at 11am. The installation will remain in place for three hours max. in part dependent on the weather.

One-of-a-kind conceptual photos with collage and gold leaf painting and pieces of the actual tulle used for the installation are available for purchase which will enable us to increase the scale and capacity for the next iteration on an even larger and more grand scale. I plan on much larger fabric and being able to pay the riggers, and creating high quality documentation. Please inquire. Studio visits to view the work are available in person or via Zoom.

Please share this event with your friends and family. We welcome you to come with snacks and beverages to share if you like. Upon departure, please leave the forest as you found it.

Park in the lot for Teason's Woods and cross 104th Avenue, walking west to enter the path into the woods. You will find us easily. I'll come up with something to tag the path for you and post about that later.
Wishing you all light and loving-kindness, Hillary

Here is a link to a pdf map of the area.

Please reach out for studio visitto view the work which is available for to have or give as gifts.

Thank you, Hillary