I did a thing!

I have dithered over doing this for years. Why? I have no idea... well not true. I know why. All the self indicting votes of no-confidence, you can't, what will people say, it's not perfect and on and on... But a lot of inner work, going to Life of Yes Camp run by Saya Hillman and her amazeballs, Mac & Cheese Productions which supports so many humans, led me here to finally creating some stuff that I believe in, in support of chasing my dreams, and hit that dang publish button!

Whoa! 100% nervous and excited too.

My first online shop!

You can get #thewatersweswimin t-shirts, sweatshirts, masks (natch). I'm so excited! Yeeee!

All sales support art continuing to be made, keeping me in grad school and spreading loving kindness all the places we all go. The Waters We Swim In is a global project supporting healing transformation so we can find our gifts and make the most of the life we have in front of us while helping others thrive at the same time.

Can you, would you help me meet my goal and sell 100 t-shirts or sweatshirts by the end of the day tomorrow?
Please and thank you for sharing too.

Happy Halloween! Big spooky hugs!