Rollence Patugan on Pasadena Photo Arts June 22

How Did I Get Here? 
From tech to art to finding my voice along the way. Get TIX

About this Event

Change is inevitable. How we deal with change whether to embrace or resist it shapes our journeys. Join visual artist Rollence Patugan as he shares different chapters of his personal journey and how the residuals of his choices have accumulated and created a path to where he is today.


Rollence Patugan is an American photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Identity, diversity, and being seen are undercurrents of Rollences work. Having originally come from Baldwin Park, CA a small but diverse town in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, Rollence wants his work to serve the underrepresented. Growing up in the 1980s as an Asian-American of Chinese and Filipino descent, he did not see a reflection of himself nor his Latino friends in government, sports, entertainment, and the arts. Rollence felt he didnt exist as an American. In his work, Rollence strives to reflect the ethnic diversity that has always been a part of his experiences and uses his voice through art to allow people to be seen
Love art in yourself and not yourself in art.  Konstantin Stanislavski
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