May 11, 2022


Many of you asked me about pursuing training meditation and mindfulness in more depth than one time events . I'm super excited to offer it.

This will be especially great for ANYONE who's like -
I tried meditation and I can't do it.
You have a brain, a mind, a body, lungs...you can do this. I'm here to help.

In an age of anxiety, and stress, it's so important to be the sovereign of your own mind. To become someone who can face whatever arises and which can not be controlled , but still must be faced, without fear highjacking your mind and capsizing into disarray.



This is a Practical Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana or Insight Meditation) Class in Pilsen starting on June 7th.
We will meet every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm June through July.
You may attend in-person or virtually. No special gear required. No experience required.

Come as you are!

If you have friends or family, colleagues who might wish to join us, please share the info.
In the event that I may be traveling for a specific class, you will be advised and the class will be offered on Zoom.

Tuition: $200 for the two months. (which works out to $25/class. 4 classes per month)
If anyone is experiencing any kind of financial hardship, there's a no questions asked heart based sliding scale, in which you pay what you can. You may also pay in two installments if you need to. Contact me and I'll get you set up.

lovely studio portrait by Erica McKeehen
February 11, 2022


I know. It can feel cringey, scary BUT the process can actually be powerfully transformative.


Any photographer can make pictures of you, but what I do, as an artist, writer, a photographer, an empath, as someone who understands about crafting a narrative, is think about not only making the photos, but who are we making the photos for? 
Who is the audience for you? 

Who is your divine right audience, the people who want your art?

I think about: 

There are photographers out there who have a kit of lights and a sort of one size fits all approach to making portraits and headshots. And thats cool, you know…the world is big and wide and theres something for everyone.

Me, I like to draw on my zone of genius so I can help you enter yours.

I think of it this way: 

Each person in front of my camera is a unique human being. 

I want to get to know who you are, what you need, want and dream of for your future self as an artist. I help you present yourself in ways that make sense, and which are in alignment with that vision. This process takes time. 

Im also aware that being photographed can be incredibly stressful. Because Im also a meditation and mindfulness teacher, I bring that kind of support into our sessions together. 

While were making photos…we take our time.

We pause between images, and rest, so you can gather yourself, and get grounded in your body, come into your body and be ready to do more. 

We explore body language and the meaning of certain postures and positions and find what FEELS right for YOU. Even when it might feel like a bit of a stretch…because thats where the growth is.


I ask each of my photography clients a series of important questions, before our session, so that the time we have together is part of your becoming process. We talk about the sessions well before and the IMPACT you want the images to have. We do a phone or zoom pre session to go over all the details so you feel really comfortable.

While we are making your photos, we are also having a conversation, were getting to know each other more personally. I share some of who I am so I create a comfortable space in which you can reveal the parts of yourself that you feel comfortable revealing. 

I believe that making strong portraiture is about relationships and connection.

Especially if you feel any sense of trauma around being photographed, you will naturally feel reticent to have portraits made, (I know I did) and yet, you simply must have great photos of yourself for your website, social media, the catalogs of your work and all the things you need on your way to becoming the artist you want to be.

Im not shooting. Im not taking pictures.

We are collaborative together.  Ill do my best to be the wise, supportive guide who helps you show up as you.

Its a transformational process. 

Doing this work with me will help you experience yourself more fully and with greater confidence than ever before. 
I invite you to take up the space you deserve.


Up to three sessions/locations over two days 
For Only $1500*

Book your spot now with a $500 deposit. I use PayPal, Zelle, Venmo.

Then well set up a call to talk and brainstorm. I'll email your questions to think about. Then we start to look at dates for our work together. I have availability between mid-May through August 2022.
*You also cover travel expenses, flight, room, board. 

Genius Zone Idea: Team up with your artist friends and colleagues to bring me where you are and save on the expenses! Where are your local peeps? Get together and reach out to me and lets get you ready to take the art world stage!  

Imagine how fun it would be to gather together to make pictures and all the money you would save by doing that. (More money for the clothes you want to wear or art supplies!)

Interested? Email me and let the photo magic begin!

Solo Exhibition at Hüten Gallery Shanghai, China
February 11, 2022

Opening day for the first show of the year!

Hillary JohnsonThe Waters We Swim in
14, 1295 Fuxingzhong Road, Shanghai, China


Appointment Only

If you are in the Shangai area, I invite you to go see this, my first international exhibition at Hüten Gallery. The curator, Yizhi Zou, is an incredible artist herself. She has a beautiful mission for the gallery and I could not be more pleased that she gave me this opportunity to show this work which means so much to me.

The fabric prints are available in a limited edition with two Artist Reserves on silk. The video itself is also available for your collection. I look forward so much to hearing the show is received. If you go, please let me know and share your impressions.



Solo Exhibition at Hüten Gallery Shanghai, China
February 11, 2022
January 22, 2022


The year, it was probably 1987. I made this photo, on my first trip to Italy. My best friend was getting married in an old family villa outside of Florence. I'd been living in Boston in a mostly unheated loft above a dim sum restaurant with a roomate who kindly let me live there. We paid almost nothing in rent. To deal with the lack of heat we hammered a hole through wall to the central heating chimney in the center of the building. My bedroom faced east into the rising sun each day facing the old leather district, which was becoming a hub of photography studios. In winter, coming out of the shower, my body steamed in the cold. I adored living there. I worked as a photo assistant and a stringer for the the wire serves and later for the Boston Globe.

In Florence, the summer heat radiated up from the cobbled streets in thick waves. I was at a complete loss. No Italian to speak of. I was so broke I couldn't shop but didn't care. I'd come for the wedding and to learn to see the world. To learn how my eyes, my heart and mind might possibly work together. I didn't know if they could. But that question burned a white hot fire in the center of my being to find out. It was pure obsession.

My camera, which I still have and love, was an old Yashica-D 2 1/4. The lens I think had no coating. But I swear that magic pixies lived inside that little box. My own tiny camera obscura...  a bag of Tri-X swinging in a bag on my hip.

This day, my roommate and I were grouchy with each other. Terrible traveling companions as it turned out. We still hadn't figured out that we might wander around without clinging to each other like two lost little boats trying to find the harbor. 

And then, I got really lucky. I plodded heavy footed up the street, camera dangling. I felt a tingle. I looked down into the ground glass and turned slowly. I looked up. And there was this man, leaning laconically against the wall, a plume of smoke snaked up through the air. He looked past me and then right at me. A challenge in his eyes. The lines of the street, the angles of the window just past him, the shadow in the foreground, the light hitting the buildings behind, all like magic strings pulling me into the frame. 

I know he knew I was making a photo. I felt I barely had time to focus. He stared still, but the rest of him somehow so languid. All that space and light. Everything felt... complete. I summoned my courage and pressed the little button down. Click of exposure the slightest of a sounds, the tick of an insect's wing, the church bell on the hill sounded in great sonorous waves pouring past me, over me. It was complete. Everything felt whole in that moment.

This print was made while I was an artist in residence at Polaroid many years later. It's a photo of the photo made with the kind of Polaroid film that had to be peeled apart to reveal the negative inside. The emulsion could be lifted ever so gently up and applied, floated really onto another paper. (In this case an Arches cold press paper with deckled edges) I love how this version became its own piece of work. Each transfer is so unpredictable, the result unique. Not so unlike the same feeling I had making the original photo.

 I never know what the next moment will bring. (Do any of us?)

I love this image and this process and this print. It speaks of travel, of time gone by, of slow summer exploration, of being young and just going, of walking and witnessing, celebrating the beauty of the man and the street and the light, of being on the edge of the rest of my life.

I am offering this unique piece of work to that person for whom those feelings resonate, who remembers your own first trips, of being in the edge of the unknown and falling into beauty, of wanting to celebrate life. For your wall (or perhaps a friend) to see and love each day.

The image size: 9"x8"

The Arches paper size: 1"5x11"

$500. Venmo, Zelle, PayPal

Local Chicago delivery complimentary. Domestic shipping $30 Intl Shipping based on location.

Contact me to purchase and arrange your shipping.

Thank you so much. I hope the piece speaks to you as much as it does me. Wishing you beauty.

Hillary xo

Solitude is Powerful Healing for You
January 22, 2022

A little solitude can feel extremely restorative in the midst of it all.

do you give yourself permission to give yourself some solitude, some serious alone time just to allow yourself to settle gain some clarity. This kind of solitude can be very valuable if you use it as a time to simply rest or contemplate without being interrupted or disturbed.

if youre an introvert like me having some alone time is the way of charging your battery, or filling your cup with the energy required to be present for others more fully when you returned them.

or if youre an extrovert or someone whos just very high energy and Vibing all the time, solitude can be a beautiful chance for you experience just who you are on the inside deep down allowing things to settle maybe going and visiting those places inside of yourself that often dont get attention and giving them a little bit of tender loving care.

Even now in the midst of Covid when we have been isolated from each other so much more than usual, still we find ourselves and video calls are other kinds of technology trying to maintain connections. And mothers connections are important still giving ourselves the gift of solitude can be so incredibly healing. I invite you to explore this for yourself and let me know how it goes, If you feel inclined to share that.

as always thank you for stopping by. I see you. I appreciate you. Wishing you a day of some ease. Wishing you a day of happiness and the causes of happiness.

also you may like to know that these paintings of the stones will be available soon as a deck for you to explore at home as a source of inspiration and support to your own mind for pausing. If youre interested in purchasing an original watercolor and handwritten text please let me know because those are also available.

Xo Hillary

Start Your Day Grounded
January 21, 2022

Start your day feeling grounded.

Ha I know! Can feel easier said than done. Am I right?

Today I awoke with a raging to-do list blaring loudly inside my cranium.

Old Hillary wouldve freaked out. Totally. Spun in circles rather unproductively.

Current me pauses. Checks whats up. What are those thoughts? What are those beliefs? How am I feeling about it all? Is anything true that while feeling uncomfortable needs addressing?

More pausing.


Today in the pause, clarity. Let those things have embodiment in paint on paper.

What do I need in the face of this?


Today for me, that meant, go to the tools of watercolors, brush, paper and ink.

Here is what came.

A beautiful reminder.

I LOVE that the action to make the painting also created the FEELING I was after.

Now, I can write list of what to do with clarity, with frenzy-brain.

Ill walk too.

And sit my ass down on my meditation bench.

Il choose where and how to place my attention, and thus, the day will get made.

I know its not always easy.

Love to hear what grounds you in the face of your day, which feel like SO MUCH.

And, if you need, want, desire some help, I got you.

One-on-one sessions are available monthly via zoom. Support. Guidance. Practical and intuitive coaching/mentoring (as one happy client calls it.

Tell me whats up. Im here to help.




January 17, 2022

The Feels are warm and fuzzy over here this evening!

It makes me just so happy when a client is able to so clearly reflect on their experience with me and witness their own growth.

In case you didn't know, I make photographs yes and other things...AND, I teach mindfulness, meditation with a very practical coaching spin. 

Here is what one of my clients wrote to me the other day:

Hillary gets it. Her intuition guides the journey that she shapes for the student in front of her. This is not a cookie cutter, breathe like this, think like this, experience. She drops the F bomb like an Olympian (though this may be just with me...but I doubt it). She exposes you to your agency and then celebrates with you as you become more vibrant and whole.

I am accepting one or two new coaching clients to work one on one for the rest of the winter and into the spring.

Hit me up if you want to talk about what it might look like. Especially if youve tried a lot of things are feeling really stuck.

I would say a simple way of describing my mission is to help you find your own inner goodness so that you can really connect to your happiness. Thats good for you and also spreads a ripple of peace and happiness for others around you.

Raise your hand if youd like a little more happiness for yourself and for others too. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Wishing you happiness and the causes of happiness,


Word Cloud Fun
January 06, 2022

As I was researching today in preparation for what I hope will be a summer research and photography trip to England, Scotland and Ireland (come on scholarship funding!!! Fingers and toes all crossed) for places from which part of my family ancestry derives, I remembered how much I used to love word clouds for showing visually what the main themes seem to be in my work.

I feel like it will be interesting to work with the word clouds as the project develops and evolves. So stay tuned if you like. I would love to have you follow along on this journey with me.

Here is the word cloud generated from part of the proposal I wrote.

What are you working on? What does your word cloud look like?

Holiday Gifting Print Sale
December 04, 2021

I'm thrilled to offer limited edition prints for sale from new work which has been emerging during my first semester in the MFA in Photography program at Columbia College.

This work is a huge departure visually and in terms of my process. For most of my life I made photos almost exclusively in black and white, and worked in a documentary mode. But I have always loved abstraction in painting, sculpture, installation and music. Recently, I've started to work in the landscape, painting and drawing as it were, with fabrics and cords, placing materials into the landscape, weaving cords between the trees and so forth.

I'm interested in exploring this further as an investigation of light, color and form and also as a way of considering my relation to the landscape, the boundaries between self and the ground, the elements of earth, air, fire, water.

These two are available are both available as ink jet prints ~4"x8" on archival paper 8"x10" or 14"x 21" on 17" x 22" paper. Studio visits are available in person and virtually. Just ask! Local Chicago delivery available for no additional charge or shipping. Purchases desired for Christmas must be made by 12/15/2021. 

November 29, 2021


If this pandemic has taught me anything it's this:

Our most important work is an inside job.

We can not control anything out there.

All we can do is come to know ourselves deeply and try to navigate the seas of our lived experience with as much kindness and mercy as we can.

We must befriend ourselves and be gentle with the tender beings we are on the inside.

That is what this work is all about. Finding what is good inside you, which can feel so elusive sometimes.

To that end, a special price for right now for booking this transformative work now for yourself or someone you love.

Book and make payment for your Waters We Swim In session for Florida this January by Tuesday December 2 for the special price of $1500 - regular price $2500!

Curious? Let's talk.

Feeling like your own gold is a bit obscured? I can help.

When you find your own inner gold and goodness, you clear away obstacles to greater success, love, creativity and success.

Let's do this!

Message me now to set up a free short consultation to see if this work is right for you!

Let's find that inner goodness.

With gratitude,


Palos Installation: The Gold in the World
November 29, 2021

It took a whole amazing team to make this magic happen.

Two lovely tree climbers, one arborist, one educator and cabinet maker...

They made it all look easy.

All aloft. 60 yards of gold glitter tulle, a spool of golden cord, yards of climbing ropes, throw bags, and all manner of gear.  50 flags of black and silver tulle on bamboo sticks to mark the way in. 

A diverse array of magical human beings who helped in all kinds of ways. I see you all and appreciate you for the many things you did. Paul, extra shout outs to you for wrangling tree people, in a ripple effect outwards of so much goodness. AMAZING!  And to you and Kay for your smiling good cheer and installation of 50 sticks and tulle to guide visitors to the gold.

This lady was so matchy matchy! Clearly, she got the memo. 

This sparkle makes me so happy. Big lessons: 1. Do not think, DO! Thinking alone can trap you in bed and nothing will ever actually happen. 2. Let go of yearning for exact outcomes and celebrate what actually happens. 3. Tulle has a mind of its own. The wind has a mind of its own. Together they will surprise you so much. Let go and show up with gratitude and curiosity.

Gold streaming down from the tree tops.

Gold within and gold without.

It felt at times like the tulle was alive with electricity. It had such presence and was constantly changing throughout the day.

I simply love this image. I saw the tulle and the leaves scattered round. My heart beat slowly and felt full of wonder.

A golden sovereign being aflame in the woods. The sun greeting her with each ray.

My friends Ziru and Senjie brought a drone to film the installation and that was amazing.

They flew it all around, through, above, below the installation capturing it in ways I could not have any other way. So grateful!

Incredible watching the play of light and shadows through the day.

Word got out on Instgram, and word of mouth, the old fashioned way and all kinds of people showed up to check it out. They said:

What a beautiful surprise! Thank you for doing this!

Our neighbors told us to come see it. We just had to come. This is amazing!

It's like something mystical!

The tulle looks like golden spirits in the trees.

So simple and so beautiful. WOW! Are you going to do this again? (YES! and Even BIGGER!)

Something in the way she moves....

MePhoto credit: Senjie Zhu

Me and a whole lotta tulle glowing!

The tulle looking like a golden dragon in afternoon sun.

This reminds me of Kow Loon, Hong Kong, Nine Dragons, the nine mountains you can see from the peak.

Matt P, a professional tree climbing arborist, frees the last bit of tulle from the tree.

And that's a wrap for this time. Stay tuned for an open studio, artist's talk about the work, as well as opportunities to purchase one of a kind collages and photos which document the process from ideation to completion. Pieces purchased by December 10th can be delivered or shipped in time for holiday gift giving.

Thank for you stopping by. Please feel free to share with friends.

With gratitude and curiosity,


November 24, 2021

The Waters We Swim In is a ritual of transformation, reconnecting you with what's good in you and others; to the unique gifts each of us possesses, which, when ignited, gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Work with transformational coach and fine art photographer Hillary Johnson for a peaceful retreat experience that creates space for you to reconnect with your own inner goodness so that you can unleash your gifts and do the work you were meant to do. 

The Waters We Swim In is available in bodies of open water around the globe. Each participant experiences a guided process of surrendering to self realization while immersed in water. 
Sessions are available January 6-22, 2022 in Florida where the water is warm and the sun shines down on us. Options for Jax Beach, St. Pete and Miami. Space is extremely limited.
Sessions are also booking now for spring and summer in Chicago and around the world. Reach out to me to talk about where and when you would like to do your transformational session. (Additional fees for travel may apply.)

The Experience:

To Register: 

The Investment:

$2500 (Value $5000 This is a special price to end 2021!)

What people have said about their experience:

I wanted to be a part of "The Waters We Swim In" the moment I saw the first image.

Hillary immediately put me at ease and I placed my trust in her completely. Even as the waves were pushing me towards the shore. This water experience was beyond anything I could have envisioned.

"The Waters We Swim In" is a retreat toward calm and reflection during these turbulent times.

I am still swimming in the magical experience we had this morning. Being part of The Water We Swim In is incredibly meaningful. Thank you for a magical experience that healed my soul and reconnected me to the universe.

While I was floating for this project I was thinking of all of those things and how I can honor the importance of this unprecedented time while inviting the passion I see around me to help me evolve into the best version of myself.

There is an ethereality, a spirituality, that encompasses us, and a power that you tap into through your use of light and nature. Something primal is released.


Of course you may! How wonderful would that be? Partner sessions incur an additional fee. This work is open to all. Lets talk.

Not at all! All you need is a desire to get into the water. I can teach you to float if you like. But floating is not necessary for this experience to be a success.

That need not stop you! I can help you face that fear in small gentle steps until you feel ready to go in the water. Remember that you dont need to know how to swim or float. The fact that youre intrigued indicates it may be time for you to take the plunge quite literally. I will be with you every step of the way.

We typically have a plan B date to fall back on. For sustained bad weather that may mean a more significant rescheduling but so far that hasnt happened yet! In the case of needing to plan for a separate trip to your location, there may be costs associated with flying back to our location. 

In our consultation we talk about that. The attire in generally classic black, minimalist weather that means a swimsuit or something else, we select together. 

You can! We would talk it through together to decide on a time and place where you will feel comfortable doing that whenever possible. I recognize that everyone has a different level of comfort in the body and may have different preferences for making that happen. Lets talk.

Typically, I do a hot edit and pick one or two images within hours of our session and send them to you so you can see them right away. I send you a larger edited set within 3 weeks so you can select the image you would like for your special print. Once you make that selection, you will receive your print in about a month. That said, COVID-19 has presented special challenges with the supply chain which sometimes impacts delivery times for prints. If anything unusual arises, I will keep you informed.

I like to print on an archival, matte finish photo paper. Prints are usually 16x20 and arrive rolled in a tube, unframed. If you would like to have me arrange framing, Im happy to do so for an additional fee.
You may also choose to get a print on canvas, silk or metal. Prices vary with materials. We can talk about what would feel most wonderful for you.

Lets talk about whatever those questions might be. Im happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns.


Im an interdisciplinary artist, meditation teacher and healer, recovering creative, empath and highly sensitive person. I grew up on the ocean (literally) on the East Coast sailing, swimming and mucking about in nature. I was a lifeguard and swimming coach for the Special Olympics.  Im a certified Tarot card reader, energy and Reiki healer,  and a former candidate in a Masters program in Clinical Psychology. I started teaching mindfulness in 2008. My business clients include Fortune 500 companies, top hospitals, prominent law firms, financial concerns and NPOs. I also have coaching clients across the globe. 
My photography, immersive installations and transformational, embodied practices have two main strands: the investigation of tensions and challenges created when drastic upheavals transform or destroy delicate beauty; and, helping others evolve and expand their capacity for love, abundance, and creativity. I have a background in photojournalism and documentary photography. Im an MFA Candidate in the Department of Photography at Columbia College Chicago.

Awakening Alchemy: The Gold Within
November 24, 2021

 "Much as Rothko sought an experience of healing in the act of painting and in the moments in which the viewer is in communion with the work, I have similar hopes for this body of work. That contact with these images may plant seeds for an awakening, a shift in consciousness through contact with beauty even in the midst of collapse."

Golden Alchemy

This print is available for purchase 5"x 8" on archival matte 8x10 paper. $100 (special holiday price!) Limited edition of 10! Click the link to buy it now with PayPal. (You may also use Zelle: hillary@hillaryjohnsonphoto or Venmo @Hillary-Johnson-1



A public art installation of beautiful, sparkling glitter, gold tulle tumbling from the trees lining the walking path. A shared experience of alchemy, contemplation, restoration and reconnection with the gold within you and others.


Sunday 11/28 11am-2pm


Palos, Illinois Park in the lot for Teason's Woods and cross 104th Avenue, walking west to enter the path into the woods. You will find us easily. 


FREE and kid-friendly


No worries. There are other ways to bring the essence of the experience into your home or work space. A variety of one-of-a-kind conceptual photos with collage and gold leaf painting and pieces of the actual tulle used for the installation are available for purchase.  

Studio visits to view the work are available in person or via Zoom. Just ask! 

The photo above is available for purchase too. $100 for a 5x8 inch print on 8x10 paper, edition of 10. 

(The $100 is a special price now for holiday gifts for yourself or friends, family, loves.) Local Chicago delivery $10, $20 across the US, Intl by location) 

Order by Dec 10 to be in time for all the celebrations!

Order by 11/29 and receive a special extra surprise in your package!


Join us with your cameras, phones, video to experience this with us as a reminder of the miracle of light and aliveness, our own inner gold, our loving kindness for ourselves and each other as we move into the winter season. 

Please share your photos on social media with the #TulleExperiment and tag @hillaryjohnsonthephotographer on IG. I'd be very grateful for any photos and video you would send my way to share the experience with others.

We'll begin the installation process at 9am with 4-5 tree climbing arborists, who are each volunteering their time to help me realize this vision.

Please share this event with your friends and family. We welcome you to come with snacks and beverages to share if you like. Upon departure, please leave the forest as you found it.

Wishing you all light and loving-kindness, Hillary

Tulle Experiment: Woodland Edition
November 20, 2021

Tulle Experiment: Palos Edition

A public art installation of beautiful, sparkling glitter, gold tulle tumbling from the trees lining the walking path.
You're invited on this Thanksgiving weekend to join us with your cameras, phones, video to experience this with us as a reminder of the miracle of light and aliveness, our own inner gold, our loving kindness for ourselves and each other as we move into the winter season. Please share your photos on social media with the #TulleExperiment and tag @hillaryjohnsonthephotographer on IG. I'd be very grateful for any photos and video you would send my way to share the experience with others.

Admission is free and the event is kid-friendly.

The installation is meant to offer visitors an experience of surprise and delight, the fragile and ephemeral, in some lovely woods which are very easily accessible.
We will begin the installation process at 9am with 4-5 tree climbing arborists, who are each volunteering their time to help me realize this vision.

We hope to have all the tulle up the trees and ready for release at 11am. The installation will remain in place for three hours max. in part dependent on the weather.

One-of-a-kind conceptual photos with collage and gold leaf painting and pieces of the actual tulle used for the installation are available for purchase which will enable us to increase the scale and capacity for the next iteration on an even larger and more grand scale. I plan on much larger fabric and being able to pay the riggers, and creating high quality documentation. Please inquire. Studio visits to view the work are available in person or via Zoom.

Please share this event with your friends and family. We welcome you to come with snacks and beverages to share if you like. Upon departure, please leave the forest as you found it.

Park in the lot for Teason's Woods and cross 104th Avenue, walking west to enter the path into the woods. You will find us easily. I'll come up with something to tag the path for you and post about that later.
Wishing you all light and loving-kindness, Hillary

Here is a link to a pdf map of the area.

Please reach out for studio visitto view the work which is available for to have or give as gifts.

Thank you, Hillary

Installation at Art of Balance Chicago
November 13, 2021

October 30, 2021

I did a thing!

I have dithered over doing this for years. Why? I have no idea... well not true. I know why. All the self indicting votes of no-confidence, you can't, what will people say, it's not perfect and on and on... But a lot of inner work, going to Life of Yes Camp run by Saya Hillman and her amazeballs, Mac & Cheese Productions which supports so many humans, led me here to finally creating some stuff that I believe in, in support of chasing my dreams, and hit that dang publish button!

Whoa! 100% nervous and excited too.

My first online shop!

You can get #thewatersweswimin t-shirts, sweatshirts, masks (natch). I'm so excited! Yeeee!

All sales support art continuing to be made, keeping me in grad school and spreading loving kindness all the places we all go. The Waters We Swim In is a global project supporting healing transformation so we can find our gifts and make the most of the life we have in front of us while helping others thrive at the same time.

Can you, would you help me meet my goal and sell 100 t-shirts or sweatshirts by the end of the day tomorrow?
Please and thank you for sharing too.

Happy Halloween! Big spooky hugs!

November Exhibition at Art of Balance Chicago
October 24, 2021

I hope you will join me and my art witch friends for a beautiful show at Art of Balance November 6 & 7, 6P - 9P CT.

Art of Balance Open House & Dialectics Gallery Show
Art of Balance is hosting an open house and sponsoring The Dialectics gallery show in recognition of our newly opened second location in the West Loop on 1611 W Monroe St.

I'm thrilled to share a video and photography installation, "The Waters We Swim In," which invites you to contemplation in a transformational, liminal space.

Inspired in part by this teaching of Pema Chodron's: Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us. The work reflects my own sense of the expansiveness and ease which meditation has given me over the last 20 years, even during the global pandemic. Meditation gives me that capacity to stay present with what is, even when it's very hard, with a bit more grace than I'd have otherwise. This installation invites you to try a few moments of your own quiet presence to befriend whatever is true for you in the moment.

Meet therapists and attend workshops that present on specific theoretical lens and therapeutic tools. Engage with our community artists and show support through contributions. Receive tarot and astrology readings.

Food, drinks, live music, and raffles will be present at our space. Any contributions will support our local artists and clients seeking affordable therapy services at our location. Reach out for more information - we hope to see you soon!

Right Speech article from Tricycle: so good I had to share it
October 20, 2021

I had an occasion last week to really confront and revisit the concept and practice of right speech. 

The Buddha was precise in his description of Right Speech. He defined it as abstinence from false speech, abstinence from malicious speech, abstinence from harsh speech, and abstinence from idle chatter. In the vernacular this means not lying, not using speech in ways that create discord among people, not using swear words or a cynical, hostile or raised tone of voice, and not engaging in gossip. Re-framed in the positive, these guidelines urge us to say only what is true, to speak in ways that promote harmony among people, to use a tone of voice that is pleasing, kind, and gentle, and to speak mindfully in order that our speech is useful and purposeful.

This is a very good article about what it is and how it works and matters from creating harmony even in difficult communications. Thank you to Tricycle Magazine!

Healing the Wounds: A social art practice healing event
October 20, 2021

Super excited to share this beautiful opportunity for you all to join me and sound healing yogi Natalja Aicardi for, "Healing the Wounds: Guided Meditation and Sound Healing Experience."

Are feeling like you could use a little outdoor time before the grey of Chicago winter lands?

Are you feeling a little trepidation about upcoming winter and all that indoor time?

Is the ongoingness of COVID getting to you?

Could you use some contemplative time in a beautiful outdoor setting to help you get some grounding and relief?

This event is for you.

You'll experience a beautiful social art practice art installation, guided contemplation and meditation and sound healing in a gorgeous outdoor setting with water, amazing old trees all in a sacred atmosphere.

Even though this is a super safe, outdoor experience, this is a ticketed event, so make sure you get your tix in advance! Link to purchase tix hereLink to purchase tix here.

Please share generously with colleagues, coworkers, friends. Thank you.

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